About the author

Who is Thor Simpson? Just a dude with a blog who is tired of the political division in this country. I also have a weird sense of humor.

Posting anything political that doesn’t promote either the Republican or Democratic party can naturally ruffle some feathers. I’m actually not opposed to either of these parties. I’m just tired of the way they are working.

People are aligning themselves on one of two sides that are growing more and more divided. I’ve never been one for division – disagreement is inevitable, but I’m also a believer in seeing the good in opposing views.

These two parties have always had a positive vision for America with different ways of going about it. But if we only look at what the most partisan politicians and media commentators are saying about the other side, we are left with a vision of fear and anger on both sides. As a result, we end up with more and more divisive candidates and the parties grow more and more extreme. Today we find ourselves perilously far along that path.

My hope is to counter that. Politically, I believe the only way to counter it is with the introduction of a third party.

I’ve been asked which candidate or third party I plan to endorse. While I obviously have my own political leanings, my intent is to raise awareness of all major third party and Independent candidates and from there everyone can choose the candidates that suit them best. I’m confident there will be good alternatives for traditionally Republican, Democratic and Independent-minded voters alike, who are tired of the two party system and ready to move on to something new.

There has been speculation that perhaps I’m a “foreign agent” interfering with the election, or a Republican or Democratic party operative seeking to undermine the opposing party. Both of these things are understandable given what took place in 2016.

If you keep reading, you’ll find that I am very clearly NOT in support of either Trump or a Democrat in this election and the intent of this blog is not to further the division, but to promote unity in America through the support of third party candidates.

We need to break up the Republican and Democratic party majorities to bring an end to this partisanship.

Still don’t hate me? I encourage you to keep reading, follow on Facebook and/or Twitter, and join me throughout this election cycle as we look at the possibility of a third party in American politics.