Can a third party actually win?

If you talk about a third party candidate in American politics, a lot of people will use the word “impossible.” But the truth may surprise you. It’s not only possible for a third party to win, it’s easy.

Without question, the Republican and Democratic parties have dominated the political landscape and they would very much like to keep it that way. As a result, people are led to believe they only have two choices when an election comes around.

Some of the myths that keep people from voting for a third party include:

  • For a third party to win the presidency, they have to be on the ballot in all 50 states, right? Wrong. We will cover this in detail soon.
  • If you vote for anyone but the (R) or the (D), you’re wasting your vote, right? Absolutely not.
  • If you don’t vote for the (R) or (D) that you dislike the least, isn’t that basically supporting the opposing (D) or (R)? No. Your vote can actually help a third party candidate win.
  • But I pretty much can only vote for a Republican or a Democrat, right? NO! Stop that!

Candidates don’t get elected just because their party hosts an extravagant convention, or because their party has a huge political machine in place throughout the country. They don’t get elected on account of their party holding half the seats in Congress. None of those things actually determines which candidate gets elected.

Candidates get elected because people vote for them, and voting for a third party is easy.

Will everyone keep buying the two party lie, voting for candidates that promise change but are also destined to continue the division and polarization of the American people? Or are you ready to CREATE change with your very vote, in a way that can help this nation heal? 

Just how easy would it be for America to elect a third party candidate?

Click on the practice ballot below and see if you can select the third party candidate from the choices available.

Practice Ballot
The Republican Party Nominee
The Democratic Party Nominee
Somebody Else

That's all it takes for a 3rd party candidate to win.

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