Vote Hard – Our future depends on it.

Political division is our greatest enemy in America. It’s time to fight back. “Yippee ki la vista, baby!”

The hills are alive with the sound of partisan hatred

In the classic film Sister Act, Whoopi Goldberg is forced into hiding after witnessing a murder. She finds herself pretending to be a nun, assigned to a convent and caring for a family of children that just love to sing.

“Jeopardy at 6 o’clock!”

In Top Gun, Tom Cruise took to the skies as an elite fighter pilot. But the real crowd favorite was always his co-pilot, an autistic brother who could count how many matches you’ve dropped or spot a bogey on your six like no other.

It’s “Groundhog Day” and we need to cross the streams

In the movie Groundhog Day, Bill Murray wakes up to the same situation, day after day. The same song, the same weather, always haunted by the same ghosts. Ultimately, the only way to break the cycle and close the portal is to go against Egon’s original advice — fire up the proton packs, and cross the streams.

Red Pill / Blue Pill

Who can forget this iconic scene from The Empire Strikes Back when Luke Skywalker begins his formal Jedi training? Yoda presents Luke with a choice of two pills.