Voting for someone that’s not Trump or a Democrat? Inconceivable!

So pervasive is the two party system that when some people hear you’re not voting for either Trump or a Democrat, they assume you must not be voting at all!

(The State of the Union is Divided)

America, are we really going to do this? Tonight, President Trump will address the nation in the annual State of the Union address. Then, half of the body will wake up in the morning and vote to remove him from office.

Early polls show voters ready for a third party

Welcome to another election year. The Republican and Democratic parties are doing their best again to tell the American people that they will have two choices this November – President Trump or the Democratic nominee. With voting finally beginning in the primaries, most polling will compare match-ups of the potential Democratic candidates against President Trump. […]

A fitting end to the impeachment circus
(and what to do next)

As the impeachment circus comes to an end, the clean-up will begin. Trash, popcorn, and manure litter the political realm and the American people are left to pick up the mess.

“Along party lines”

Here we go again. As I pointed out a few weeks ago regarding the House impeachment effort, the Senate has now picked up its role in the impeachment trial exactly as everyone expected them to – voting along party lines.

When will the 2020 presidential candidates be revealed?

Looking forward to the upcoming election, you may be wondering when we will find out who the third party and independent presidential candidates will be. The Republican and Democratic parties kicked off their campaigns seemingly within minutes of the previous election, so it’s understandable that people might be wondering if anyone else is even running. […]

Trump’s Impeachment Proves Our Need for a Third Party

If there was ever a clear demonstration of our need for a third party in America, it was the impeachment of President Donald Trump in the House of Representatives last month. Whether you believe Trump should have been impeached or not, what should stand out is that the two-party process did not serve the American […]