It’s “Groundhog Day” and we need to cross the streams

In the movie Groundhog Day, Bill Murray wakes up to the same situation, day after day. The same song, the same weather, always haunted by the same ghosts. Ultimately, the only way to break the cycle and close the portal is to go against Egon’s original advice — fire up the proton packs, and cross the streams. Yes, it’s a great risk and ends up with marshmallow all over the place. But the portal is closed, the world is saved, and Bill Murray can finally wake up to a new day.

Or…. something like that.

In America, we’ve been waking up to the same political parties day after day our entire lives. Not only do our leaders keep repeating the same tired mistakes, they are continually splitting this nation apart with their divisiveness and inability to work together.

We’ve grown used to this routine. The Republicans and Democrats have their arguments, the majority obstructs or pushes through a partisan agenda, and we dread the next election where we feel like our only choice is more of the same (always with a hint of change).

It’s clear that America is ready for change (See: Trump, Obama). We long for something different, and our candidates always promise something new, but still within the same two powerful parties. Voting for “different” in the same parties has only led to more division.

It’s time to “cross the streams” and vote a third party into Washington.

The goal is not to do away with the Republicans and Democrats. The goal is to force them to work with others. By simply eliminating a party majority, our leaders will have to create policies that work for everyone.

A third party doesn’t just make more promises about change. Its very presence would be the change we need to unite America.

Groundhog Day the holiday is February 2nd. Do you have any plans?

Election Day is Tuesday, November 3rd. Start planning now to vote for a third party.

Click on the practice ballot below and see if you can select the 3rd party candidate from the choices available.

Practice Ballot
The Keymaster
The Gatekeeper
Punxsutawney Phil

That's all it takes for a 3rd party candidate to win.

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