Why I love Joe Biden
(and will not vote for him)

I love Joe Biden. Easily the most qualified candidate in the Democratic field, given his service as Vice President under President Obama for eight years, Biden would bring experience and a deep knowledge of the way Washington works to the oval office in 2020. He also brings a great personality. Sure, there are gaffs (on a regular basis) but these somehow only add to the Biden charm.

Amidst concerns of how far left the democratic party has drifted, most notably seen in the popularity of candidates Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, Biden would now come across largely as a centrist. 

If you were pleased with Obama’s presidency and policies, Joe Biden would seem the best fit among the Democratic candidates as he continually puts forth the prospect of his presidency as a return to the Obama years.  

After four years of Trump, many would view that as a refreshing replay. “Making America Great Again,” would be simply turning the clock back a few years. But therein also lies the problem.

During the Obama presidency we saw bitter partisanship flourish. People could easily debate whether the Republicans or Democrats were the most to blame for the situation, but few would argue the partisanship was healthy for our nation. We have seen the divide between Republicans and Democrats growing day by day, especially now under the Trump presidency. Indeed, this partisan rancor is exactly how we ended up with a President Trump to begin with. A vote for Joe Biden would unfortunately also be a vote for that same partisanship to continue.

That’s not to say a vote for Trump would be any better. Indeed, in light of the recent impeachment proceedings, it’s hard to imagine things being much worse from the perspective of blatant partisanship. This is typically when people resign themselves to the “lesser of two evils,” in which case they will favor either Trump or a candidate like Biden, based on their fear of the opposing candidate. But voting for Joe Biden is far from a solution to the biggest problem in Washington and our nation: the fear, hatred and power wielded on a daily basis by both controlling parties. 

A centrist is not the solution. The solution is a third party.  

As much as I like Joe Biden and am thankful for his long service to our country, as a Democrat he would have no power to bring healing to the partisanship. We would be in for another four years of attempted obstruction and the majority pushing through partisan bills that half the country is opposed to.

It’s time to vote for an end to this ongoing partisan division. By electing third party candidates, for President and in Congress, we would force the Republicans and Democrats to look beyond their party walls and start actually working for all of the American people.

Joe Biden is not the answer. Join us in voting for a third party candidate in the next election.

Click on the practice ballot below and see if you can select the 3rd party candidate from the choices available.

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Say goodbye to yesterday and hello to a third party.

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