Why I love Mike Bloomberg
(and will not vote for him)

Updated March 4th, 2020: Bloomberg has bowed out and endorsed Joe Biden. Original story follows.


Once upon a time, a successful billionaire self-funding his own campaign for President would have been highly regarded in this country. Today, particularly in the Democratic party, particularly with the Republican opponent being a self-funded billionaire named Donald Trump, this could prove problematic for a candidate.

But make no mistake about it: I love Mike Bloomberg.

Before he was even a candidate, Mike Bloomberg was already taking action on many of the critical issues that other Democrats can only talk about. Putting his personal wealth to good use, he has pursued solutions to environmental issues through Bloomberg Philanthropies. he has supported gun safety through his generous funding of Everytown for Gun Safety. And as as mayor of New York, he gained valuable experience from a governing perspective.

So why not vote for Mike?

Were he running as an Independent, this would probably be a very different situation. With his track record he could have successfully positioned himself as a candidate that is capable of crossing party lines and uniting voters from both parties behind him. Unfortunately, Mike Bloomberg has set himself up squarely aligned with the Democratic Party in his pursuit of the Presidency.

Yes, Trump must be stopped. But the illusion that your only option to do so is by voting for the Democratic candidate is false. Any candidate that chooses to focus solely on Democratic goals with no regard for the other half of the country can only lead us further into our divided state. Trump is not the only problem facing this nation. The bigger problem (which actually led to a Trump presidency) is the extreme partisan division.

This division was perhaps most evident in the impeachment proceedings where we clearly saw Democrats lining up on one side, then Republicans squarely defeating them, both on account of their impenetrable majorities in the House and Senate that seemingly encourage them to spite the other party rather than governing with any honest attempt at unity.

People are exhausted by this political turmoil. With a majority of Americans now believing that a third party is needed in American politics, the time has come for real change. It’s time to break up the partisan majorities and allow a third party to bring some balance to this disorder.

Mike Bloomberg is not the solution. Join us in voting for a third party in the next election.

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Sorry Mike, this just don't feel right. We need a third party.

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