The one thing Republicans and Democrats agree on is that the other side shouldn’t have all the power.

I couldn’t agree more.

The partisan depth to which our nation has descended is troubling. Our leaders have stopped even pretending that they want to work with the other side in order to find solutions that are good for America. Instead, the desire is to achieve a majority and the Presidency so they can cram exceedingly partisan legislation down everybody else’s throats.

America has been unhappy about this arrangement for some time, but the partisan divide keeps growing as a result of it. Recent elections were won largely on account of a desire to change the partisan standoff in Washington.

The topic of Obama’s first prime time speech that propelled him into the spotlight was focused largely on promoting bipartisanship in Washington.

“Well, I say to them tonight, there is not a liberal America and a conservative America — there is the United States of America. 

Senator Barack Obama, 2004 Democratic National Convention

This sentiment has been often spoken, but rarely practiced. Sadly, partisanship would worsen tremendously under the Obama administration. Both sides point a finger at the other as the cause of this, but there’s no doubt President Obama underestimated the need for a bipartisan effort in order to actually achieve a bipartisan relationship. People don’t come together by pointing fingers. When your party has all the power, the desire to work together quickly fades in the interest of accomplishing your party’s objectives.

It’s not just Washington that has grown so divided. Approval ratings clearly demonstrate this same divide in the population. Democrats approved of Obama as highly as 90 percent, while Republican approval sat at 30 percent.

The latest poll for President Trump is even more alarming. 92% of Republicans were said to approve of President Trump’s job performance, with 94% of Democrats disapproving. It’s never surprising that parties vary in their approval, but a difference this stark demonstrates that the world view of the two parties has diverged almost completely.

Whether you are on the approving side or the disapproving side, this divide is not good for America. President Trump, the Republicans and the Democrats are clearly not the ones to solve it.

It’s time for real change in Washington. After so many years of trying with the same two political parties, isn’t it also clear that we need a new voice to bring reason to this discussion? You have the power to help bring this change.

Only by taking away the power of the majority can we force our political parties to work together. With the addition of a third party, all sides will need to work together to find solutions that benefit all Americans rather than one partisan viewpoint. Perhaps then we can look at our fellow Americans once again as our countrymen, rather than as our rivals.

Voting for a third party is easy. Voting for a third party is to reject the partisan divide and bring America together once again.

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