A fitting end to the impeachment circus
(and what to do next)

As the impeachment circus comes to an end, the clean-up will begin. Trash, popcorn, and manure litter the political realm and the American people are left to pick up the mess.

A final vote looms Wednesday, but the verdict has already been set. President Trump will still be President Trump.

Whatever hopes you held out for the impeachment proceedings to go differently, it should have been clear from the way the Republican and Democratic parties operate that this was always going to end along party lines. That’s just how things work with these two parties these days.

It’s a fitting conclusion that isn’t worth crying about either way. These are the parties we’ve put in power and if you have been watching, their behavior and this conclusion should come as no surprise.

Some will see this as justice – the end of an unfair trial that never should have taken place. Others are aghast that such behavior from our President could be anything less than impeachable. But most people may also wonder: How has it come to this? Are these two political parties that we keep electing actually serving America well?

The answer should be obvious.

The way Republicans and Democrats are leading this country is tearing us apart. They may relish a majority of seats when they have them, but their use of that power is leading us down a dangerous path. Following the political division, the American people are growing more divided by the day.

A third party could change it all.

A third party President would be the most obvious counter, serving as a firm rebuke of the way our current leaders are operating. It would also force the House and Senate to act reasonably if they want the support of the Executive branch of government. But that is only part of the struggle.

Breaking up Republican and Democratic majorities in the House and Senate could be even more meaningful. If neither party held a majority of seats, they would be forced to work together or win third party support in everything they do. They would have to look beyond their individual party views, find compromises, and present solutions that work for all of America, not just the 51% who voted for them.

Whether you are angry that these impeachment proceedings took place, or disappointed in how they turned out, the time has come to realize that our government of two political parties is failing to lead our country well.

Electing third party candidates will be enough to bring real, constructive change to American politics. Republicans, Democrats, and our nation would all be better because of it.

Join us in voting for a third party in the 2020 election.

Fun Fact: Canada has five major political parties

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That's all it takes for a 3rd party candidate to win.

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