The hills are alive with the sound of partisan hatred

In the classic film Sister Act, Whoopi Goldberg is forced into hiding after witnessing a murder. She finds herself pretending to be a nun, assigned to a convent and caring for a family of children that just love to sing. The children’s father, Captain Von Trapp is a caring but harsh ruler, always blowing a whistle to keep his children in line. His fiancée, Baroness Schräder, has no luck striking up a relationship with the children. On top of all this, there are problems with Nazis – real, actual Nazis. It seems the family is doomed to misery.

Ultimately, it takes an outsider with genuine love and some snazzy tunes (Oh, Maria! How do you solve a problem like Maria?) to bring everyone together. Whoopi and the Captain fall in love, the convent is rejuvenated, and the children all rejoice!

Or… something like that.


Similarly, our nation is experiencing a political relationship that just isn’t working out. Everyone has always assumed that the Republicans and Democrats would be together forever, but their inability to get along and the animosity have gotten out of control. Yes, Capitol Hill is alive – with the sound of partisan hatred.

If our divided nation is to have any hope, America needs a third party to step in. It’s not that the Republican and Democratic parties are terrible platforms, it’s that they are unable to work together any longer.

A third party will end the power of a majority that is bringing out the worst in both parties. With the help of a third party, America can be a family again.

Join us in voting for a third party in the next election.

In the meantime, click on the practice ballot below and see how easy it is to choose a third party.

Practice Ballot
When the dog bites
When the bee stings
A few of my favorite things

YES! That's all it takes for a third party candidate to win.

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