(The State of the Union is Divided)

This article was updated at 10:45pm EST

America, are we really going to do this?

Tonight, President Trump will address the nation in the annual State of the Union address. Then, close to half of the Senate will wake up in the morning and vote to remove him from office.

Yes, we’ve seen political division in the past. But nothing compares to this.

It’s hard to predict how the evening will go. Typically these evenings are filled with long breaks for applause. We can still expect that from the Republicans. President Trump will highlight his political successes over the past year and throughout his Presidency. But how will Democrats respond?

Surely the Democrats will refrain from clapping, perhaps not even once? How do you applaud a man who you believe is unfit for office and are actually going to vote to impeach the following day? How do you even applaud that “the state of the union is strong” when you very much believe the state of the union is in crisis?

Rest assured, they have already worked out how they intend to respond. It is both extremely serious, and well-orchestrated political theater.

Certainly they will put on their most somber faces, something the Democrats have tried – mostly with success (and a few notable slips) – throughout the impeachment proceedings.

Then of course, you will have the official response.

This article will be updated following the evening’s events.

UPDATE 10:45pm EST

Well, the speech went about as expected. The partisan highlights were Trump’s refusal of Nacy Pelosi’s handshake, some audible groaning, and an overall lack of applause from the Democrats, clearly demonstrating their attention to the vote that looms tomorrow. They did applaud for guests and moments that were unrelated to the President himself.

The President stayed focused on the areas he most wanted to highlight, primarily the economy, and there was a surprise honoring of Rush Limbaugh. Altogether, a rather unremarkable event given the circumstances surrounding it. The hostility in the room would have been remarkable in any other Presidency. But naturally, Nancy Pelosi visibly tore up the script at the conclusion of the speech. Because… well, here we are.


As this political saga continues to unfold, let us all pause and reflect on the disastrous division we are currently facing on account of these two political parties. The state of the union is more divided than ever.

We don’t yet know who the third party and Independent candidates will be (find out when we will know), but join us in saying “no” to the ongoing political divisions, “no” to Republicans and Democrats abusing their majorities, and “yes” to electing a third party in the next election.

Click on the practice ballot below and see if you can select the 3rd party candidate from the choices available.

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That's all it takes for a 3rd party candidate to win.

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