Vote Hard – Our future depends on it.

In the classic 80’s action flick Die Hard, Bruce Willis is trapped in a skyscraper full of terrorists. He runs through broken glass in bare feet (bad idea), gets a bunch of weapons (good idea) and starts kicking some serious terrorist butt. But things aren’t as they appear – he’s actually a cyborg from the future, sent back in time to kill (or was it to protect?) John Connor – the future hope of the human race.

I don’t remember exactly how it all went, but in the end he saves the skyscraper and the future, blows a whole bunch of stuff up, and as he dispenses with a bad guy he always rattles off his famous catch phrase:

“Yippee ki la vista, baby!”

Or… something like that.

Today in America we find ourselves trapped in a perilous situation. But it’s not robotic terrorists from the future we have to worry about, it’s political division that is our greatest enemy. It’s time to fight back.

Every day we witness the Republicans and Democrats stoking fear about what the future holds if we vote for the “other side.” Instead of working together, they wield their majorities over one another to push an entirely partisan agenda. 74% of Americans disapprove of the job Congress is doing. And like clockwork, we go and elect the same parties all over again as they grow continually more extreme and divisive.

President Trump and the Democratic candidates for president have made it clear that uniting the two parties is not their objective. Their goal is to defeat the other side and rule America with a partisan agenda. No matter which direction you choose, it would appear that politics turning us further against our neighbors is our only possible future.

We may not be able to go back in time to take action that would have prevented this present day chaos. But we can learn from the past and make decisions today that will bring a better future.

Electing the same two parties over and over will never bring an end to this division. It’s time to do something different. It’s time to vote for a third party.

A third party can end this power of the partisan majorities and put our politicians to work on behalf of all Americans, instead of simply fighting for complete control against one another.

A vast majority of Americans support the idea of a third party in American politics. Will they have the courage to vote accordingly?

Join us in voting for a third party in the next election.

Click on the practice ballot below and see if you can select the 3rd party candidate from the choices available.

Practice Ballot
Donald Trump
The Democrat
Somebody Else

You did it! It's time to elect a third party and bring America together.

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