Early polls show voters ready for a third party

Welcome to another election year. The Republican and Democratic parties are doing their best again to tell the American people that they will have two choices this November – President Trump or the Democratic nominee.

With voting finally beginning in the primaries, most polling will compare match-ups of the potential Democratic candidates against President Trump.

But other recent polls suggest that America may finally be ready to take a different direction entirely.

For the past several years, Gallup polls have shown that a majority of Americans feel we need a third party in American politics. In fact, the annual survey shows that in recent years, “no more than 38% have believed the two parties are adequate while as many as 61% have said a third party is needed.”

In past elections, any desire for a third party has often given way to the illusion that you must still vote for one of two sides. If you’ve grown tired of casting a “lesser of two evils” vote, and tired of the way the two parties in Washington are conducting themselves, you are not alone – and it appears many are now willing to vote accordingly.

An October poll from Rasmussen showed 38% of voters were likely to vote for someone other than President Trump or the Democratic presidential nominee in the 2020 election. That was before the impeachment proceedings that so clearly demonstrated the bipartisan dysfunction gripping our nation.

These number are very encouraging. Our hope is that third party support will grow even further leading up to the election.

We will continue to report any third party polls as the year progresses.

Click on the practice ballot below and see if you can select the 3rd party candidate from the choices available.

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