Voting for someone that’s not Trump or a Democrat? Inconceivable!

Some people just can’t get their heads around it.

So pervasive is the two party system that when they hear you’re not voting for either Trump or a Democrat, some people assume you must not be voting at all.

Watch this exchange on The View, where that exact scenario takes place:

Joy Behar: “I’d like to know who you’re going to vote for.”

Meghan McCain: “I’m not voting for Trump and I’m sure as hell not voting for Bloomberg.”

Behar: “So then you’re not gonna vote. So you’re not gonna vote. You’re not voting for Trump and you’re not voting for a Democrat.”


And that, folks, is the misconception that keeps America voting for Republicans and Democrats, no matter how tired we are of them.

Of course, when it comes time to vote, you will NOT be forced to vote for either Trump or a Democrat. Plenty of Americans are tired of the way these two parties are running Washington. With a majority of Americans now in favor of a third party in American politics, plenty will be looking for another option. And options there will be! (find out when we will know the third party and Independent candidates here)

Don’t buy into the two party lie – It’s not a binary choice of “defeat Trump by voting Democrat” or “defeat the liberals by voting for Trump.” Both of these solutions only further the partisan madness that has taken hold of our country.

For real, authentic change, it’s time to defeat them both and vote for a third party.

Speaking of voting for a third party… you can practice doing just that with the ballot below.

Practice Ballot
Another Republican
Another Democrat
Somebody Else

It's not only possible.... it's easy. That's all it takes for a 3rd party candidate to win.

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