When will the 2020 presidential candidates be revealed?

Looking forward to the upcoming election, you may be wondering when we will find out who the third party and independent presidential candidates will be.

The Republican and Democratic parties kicked off their campaigns seemingly within minutes of the previous election, so it’s understandable that people might be wondering if anyone else is even running. Fear not, a four year campaign and endless televised debates within your own party are not a requirement.

In order to compete effectively, candidates of course want to get on the ballot in as many states as possible, avoiding the necessity of being a write-in candidate. Ideally, they want to make the stage in the Presidential Debates that begin in late September, which in recent years have been reserved almost exclusively for the two super-parties that everyone is quite sick of but can’t seem to stop voting for. Oh, to have another voice on that stage…

So, when we will find out who is actually running for President that isn’t a Democrat or Republican? Below is a timeline of this year’s important events.


The Constitution Party, which finished third among third party presidential candidates in the previous election, will hold its convention in April and nominate their next candidate for President. The Constitution Party had a relatively small impact in the 2016 election with just over 200,000 votes, but they are no doubt hoping to increase their total in 2020.


The Libertarian Party, which has had the strongest third party presence in recent elections, will hold its convention May 21-25. More than 4.4 million people voted for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson in 2016. Expect big things in 2020, whoever they nominate this time around.


The Green Party, which has also been gaining ground, will hold their convention July 9-12.  Green Party candidate Jill Stein received more than 1.4 million votes in 2016. The Green Party will definitely be worth keeping an eye on in 2020.

Following these third party conventions, the circus is back in town. The Democratic Party will hold its big bucks made-for-tv spectacle of a convention on July 13-16. We will finally learn which of the Democratic contenders will be on the ballot. I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to finally knowing who not to vote for.


Then it’s on to the Republican Party, which will hold its big bucks made-for-tv spectacle of a convention on August 24-27, designed to remind you who is in charge, and who you had better vote for “or else socialism!” Don’t buy it. You will have better options.

At this point, we still aren’t officially done. Any Independent candidates waiting in the wings for the outcomes of the party conventions can now step up.


By the start of September any candidates looking to make a run at the Presidency should be known, preferably sooner for ballot access in many states.

And then, we’re on to the debates!

Speaking of debates, there is a debate about which of the options below is the third party candidate.

Click on the practice ballot below and see if you can select the 3rd party candidate from the choices available.

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The candidate reveals are coming. Get ready to vote third party!

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