Why I love Bernie Sanders
(and will not vote for him)

If I had to pick a favorite among the Democratic candidates, it would have to be Bernie Sanders. The longest-serving independent in U.S. congressional history, Bernie Sanders is the real deal.

Politicians in general are known for waffling — but not Bernie Sanders. This is a man who, agree with him or not, has been very consistent for a very long time.

A superficial look may dismiss him as “just another old white guy” (with crazier hair). But come on. That’s like saying “No, I don’t want to take a ride in your time travelling DeLorean simply because you’re old and white.” If you’re going to pass up a once in a lifetime moment, at least come up with a better excuse, like the uranium he stole from Libya. (Doc Brown, not Bernie!)

Photo: Bernie Sanders did not steal uranium from Libyan terrorists. As far as you know.

A deeper look shows that Bernie Sanders has consistently held progressive views that the Democratic Party is just now coming around to – largely due to the enthusiasm that was generated during his previous presidential campaign. Even if you disagree with his direction, you have to admire that kind of influence – achieved not by a few moments of grandstanding but through old fashioned perseverance.

Bernie Sanders has captured America’s attention and placed the focus on critical areas where the need is greatest.

He understands that the health care system in America remains troubled.

He understands that the balance of wealth has shifted too far into the hands of the wealthy.

Some call him a hypocrite for making some real money of his own recently. I believe that wealth more clearly demonstrates his resolve since he is willing to pay more taxes himself in order to do what he believes is best for this country.

If you believe in a strong middle class that seems to be getting away from us — and that the percentage of wealth held by the ulra-wealthy is reaching unhealthy levels — Bernie Sanders has something to say about that.

So why would I not vote for Bernie Sanders? 

Even if you find his proposed policies appealing, a vote for Bernie Sanders could be disastrous when it comes to the ideological left/right division that now plagues our country. We are reaching a breaking point. Electing Bernie Sanders would clearly represent a deepening of that divide. Though an Independent through most of his career, he has chosen to caucus with the Democratic Party throughout. If we were to look at the ways Bernie Sanders would NOT align himself with the Democrats, it would be on issues where he doesn’t feel they are “left” enough.

In a divided America, going further left or right with the same two political parties will only divide us further.

You may not care about what people on “the right” think. You may want “justice,” countering four years of Trump with a hard hitting dose of Bernie’s Democratic Socialism. But understand this: That attitude is how we ended up with a President Trump to begin with. If we go Full Bernie, you’d best enjoy the moment of the election because the fervor it would generate will far exceed the Trump years. A more radicalized “right” is not something we should look forward to.

Do we want to cement our division or do we want to begin to heal?

The alternative is not a Democrat who is more of a centrist. We need to look beyond the binary choice of “Trump or a Democrat.” The solution to our division is a third party.

Only a third party will break up the Republican and Democratic strongholds that prevent our leaders from working together. As long as one of these two parties holds a majority and the presidency, there will be no unity in Washington – only individual parties united to overrule the other. The rhetoric will worsen, poisoning our nation and growing our bitterness towards our fellow Americans on the other side of the aisle.

It’s time to force Washington to work together so that America can come together. For that, Bernie Sanders is not the solution. We need a third party.

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We can change the future. That's the power of a third party vote.

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